This is not a complex situation. It is not a Watergate!....Or a Millygate


It is, however, a situation that requires a resolve for your Committee to be allowed to function successfully in the future running of the Club for our Community.


For the last 2 years, at least, the Committee monthly meetings have been either disrupted or misreported, or worse both disrupted and misreported in the same meeting


They have never been simple, efficient and fulfilling as they should be for us all to carry out our responsibilities to all things ‘Club’


Our own Club rules state that:

Club Rule 16:

  • The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Club and Committee, shall record correctly the names of the officers there present and the minutes of the proceedings which the Secretary shall transcribe into a book to be authenticated by the signature of the Chairman of the proceedings of the meetings.

  • The Secretary shall on all occasions in the execution of their office act under the superintendence, control and direction of the Committee


With Milly as Secretary this adherence to simple rules has just not happened.


In an attempt by the Committee to help Milly with her accuracy of reporting we entered a period where voice recordings of Committee monthly meetings were introduced. 


This did not improve the accuracy of meeting did highlight the biased opinions shown by the Secretary during the meetings, her desire to continually go way back in the past to rake up issues from long ago where most of the present Committee were not in place then and the continued lack of accuracy in minute taking, especially when a proposal was put forward, seconded and approved, if it was not to her liking then it was just left out of the minutes.


I publish here an example of the Committee having to continually waste it’s time reviewing what has been left out of the minutes or where a discussed subject has been ‘provided’ with a biased point of view, nothing to do with accurate minute taking.

Please read this example highlighting the ongoing problem of Milly's reporting of minutes:

2022 October Committee minutes.


Show here PDF of October 2020 minutes


These minutes were originally scripted by Milly, then the recording was listened to and the minutes re-transcribed exactly as the recording was taken. If you have read the October 2020 meeting minutes you will see the difference between truth and the biased and disputed views of the Secretary.


5 current Committee members decided to take action to regain a semblance of normality and truthful, accurate minute taking and put their grievances in writing to the President.


Show joint letter as PDF here.

On the 14 July 2021 a Special meeting was called by the Committee for Milly to explain/defend her position but Milly left the meeting early saying 'Do what you want, you decide'


It is the wish of the current Committee to continue its work on improving all things relating to our Club but it is a fundamental requirement to have a Club Secretary it can rely on to communicate it’s decisions accurately to members and act under the superintendence of the Committee. 


Milly is not that person


A vote to suspend her has been in place for some considerable time.

The present sitting Committee of volunteers have no desire to continue to serve you without the dismissal of Milly and the recruiting of a new Secretary

Please support your Committee


SUNDAY FEB 23 K/O 3:00pm